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Anti Spam Policy

We do not tollerate spam. We have the following measures in place to stop people abusing our system.

Any new account is only provided with 100 email credits. This means someone can only send 100 emails with their account.

Any person wishing to send more than 100 emails will need to purchase credits. For this we take a credit card payment and store the users IP address in our records. We will pass this information to authorities to aid prosecution if required.

We do not allow people to upload lists of addresses. All list members must enter their addresses into a join button and then click on the unqiue link to give their permission to be added. This makes it impossible for someone to end up on a list with out their knowledge and approval.

We take all reports of abuse seriously. We will delete paying customers accounts with imediate effect if they are found to be sending spam / junk email. Mailer4u was originally online from 2002 to 2004 and was forced to close due to a single user sending junk email. We have altered our system to the 'Sealed Box' as described on the home page to stop future abuse. You can be assured that if someone does abuse the Mailer4u system we will be as keen to prosecute them as much as you are.