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Plug & Play Newsletter System
  • It can take up to 7 return visits to turn a visitor into a customer
  • 50 to 60% of yearly revenue can be made from existing customers
  • The visitors to your site need to trust you to spend money
  • We provide a system that adds a newsletter system to your existing site which will increase return hits, build trust and update existing customers.

    If you are serious about growing your business you have to use newsletters and we provide a clean & simple method with all the power and features you need.
    Sealed Box System

    We operate a 'sealed box' system. With todays laws on sending emails you cannot afford to make a mistake and send an email to a person who didn't ask to be on a list or you forgot to remove. It could end up with restrictions placed on your domain or even worse!

    People are added to your list automatically from a join button we supply which you add to your site. It uses double opt-in technology to ensure they are valid contacts. You then send newsletters out and if they want to be removed it happens automatically. You never need to worry who is on the list and if you are okay to contact them. As long as your join button gets more people than those who leave, your list will continue to grow.

    Mailer4u.com is offline

    Mailer4u.com at sometime in the future will be rewritten. Until them it will no longer be operating.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is M4u free to use?
    What is the cost?
    My ISP limits email
    What about spam?
    Can I send HTML?
    Have existing list?
    Can my list grow?
    Can I see a demo?
    For more details on M4u please select a question from the menu on the left. If there is something else you would like to know then please contact us.

    Powerful Features

    100% free to trial! Send unlimited emails a month
    Customise members sign up Get additional info from members
    Track results Download to Excel
    HTML Templates Remove Duplicates . . . + more

    anti-spam & privacy policy
    Any member using this service to send spam email will have their account terminated and their details sent to their local authorities. If you know of any mis-use that you would like to report please contact us at s p a m @ m a i l e r 4 u . c o m
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